Vendor Highlight : Bubbles Event Decor

Hey Everyone,

Happy October :)

Are you getting married? Throwing a baby shower? Planning a corporate event? Whatever your event, let Bubbles Event Decor add a touch of elegance to it without breaking the bank.

Go here to learn more and visit their stand at the Venue 360 Wedding Fayre Luton on October 26th, 2014 for your chance to win a beautiful back drop and more amazing prizes. 


Vendor Highlight - Love Chin Chin

Hello everyone, 

Allow me to introduce the best packaged chin chin ever to you! Looks so so yummy and fancy. 

Love Chin Chin is made from a famous family recipe. They've been in the market since October 2013 and the progress has been fantastic judging by the number of independent deli’s, coffee shops and numerous independent grocers amongst the Afro-Caribbean sector who now stock Love Chin Chin. 

You will find reviews here and here and photos on their facebook page here

Bolu of Love Chin Chin describes it as really tasty and incredibly moreish!

I'm definitely going to look out for it.

Now i'll be dreaming about Love chin chin all week :) 

For a list of places to buy Love Chin Chin see here

Enjoy your day :)


Vendor Highlight - Magna Events Ltd

Magna Events Ltd opened its doors in December 2011 and it is owned/managed by one of my oldest friends. Since inception they have successfully executed over 100 fabulously organized events. I think my favorite thing about Magna (apart from my friend ofcourse) are their event ushers. They are cute, always well dressed and always at your service. You simply can't beat that. 

Call Magna Events today and I guarantee you will be more than happy!!!

Visit Magna Events Ltd for more details.


Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the really long break in transmission. I hope your new year is going great so far. My motto this year is "Keep Calm and Carry on".  Life is what you make of it and in my experience all things work together for good.

I don't think there are many wedding websites out there and to be honest I can't be bothered to search. Instagram has all the global wedding inspiration any bride needs. If your business is not on instagram yet, kindly jump on that bandwagon and master the use of  hashtags ;).

I'm still happy to have your business listed on the blog so go ahead and send an email. I'll be updating the lists with some new service providers and wedding inspiration blogs.

Have a beautiful 2014...

Happy 2013

Hello everyone,

I hope you've had a fantastic new year so far. Mine has been eventful and I'm eternally thankful to God. I don't think I'll be posting much on here this year but I'll be leaving it up because I know there's a wealth of information posted(even more if you know how to stalk...I mean navigate the web *wink*).

Dear Vendors, please do not hesitate to send me your website links. If you don't have a website yet and would like a good quality website( without gbagauns), you can send me an email and I'll let you know how to go about it.

Finally, I say happy planning to all the 2013 brides. Enjoy planning but don't forget to plan prayerfully for the marriage itself. All the best and remain blessed!

Yours Faithfully,

Ng Weddings



Can be a good thing:D

Hello former, present and future brides! I came across two cool pages that lead to a world of cooler coolness today, hehe.

Happy viewing:)

iGoMarry is relatively new I think. Be iNspired brides. Click here

Leye Olumide on vimeo. Fantastic wedding highlight videos. I've watched all the videos and run out of tissue...*sniff* Click here

Bonus track(lol)
My favorite youtuber recently got married. Beautiful! Watch video

Have a lovely weekend:)